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TapWater: EPK

Welcome to the TapWater Electronic Press Kit

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TapWater (Portland,OR - USA)   Americana / Pop / Rock
Simon Lucas, Wes Elliott, Rudy Slizewski, Timmy Jones, Ravi Laird, Steve Moore

From Seattle to San Diego, TapWater's sound colors outside the lines of Americana, while bringing musical inspiration 

from around the globe right to your front porch. TapWater relies on inspired songwriting, virtuoso musicianship and 

knockout performances to keep you coming back for more. The band's homegrown humor and down-to-earth 

style complement the sound seamlessly, and create a live show that is... DOWNLOAD FULL BIO


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Steve_Moore_-_TapWater__thumb_.png Rudy_Slizewski_-_TapWater__thumb_.png  Ravi_Laird_-_TapWater__thumb_.png Timmy_Jones_-_TapWater__thumb_.png

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Band Consultant - Rudy Slizewski: - 503.598.8896

International Consultant - Glen Friedman:

Send Special Media Requests, Questions & Comments to: